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Client Forms


Thank you for making an appointment with La Paw Spa!

To better serve you, we have some client forms for you to fill out. You can chose to print them out and bring them with you to your first session, you can fill them out in our office or you can fill them out here on line and hit the submit button so I get a copy via email and can read up on your pup before I see you (this is my preferred way to go if you can do this).

If you chose to print the forms out and fill them out by hand before our appt - click here for the PDF Version of our forms.

If you chose to fill these out on line, please visit the items below:

Appointment General Information: Thank you for making an appointment with La Paw Spa. This is part of a 5 page client packet. Please fill out the customer information form and read/sign the release and bring with you on our first appointment. (Continue Reading...)

Client Information Form: Please fill out this client information form prior to your first water therapy appointment (Continue Reading...)

Indemnity, Release and Waiver: Standard Industry Release (Continue Reading...)

Welcome Sequim Clients!: Welcome to La Paw Spa! Most of the dogs that arrive here have special needs, are geriatric or in some stage of surgical recovery - requiring loads of extra care and attention from their families. This is why our facility in Sequim was built to nurture both you and your canine friend, (Continue Reading...)