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The services provided by La Paw Spa are not medical procedures, nor are they a substitute for a medical diagnosis.

This website and its contents are owned by La Paw Spa, LLC unless otherwise noted. NOTHING from this site may be used without the written permission of La Paw Spa, LLC. We have taken great measures to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site; however, we can not be held responsible for errors. Articles, links, photos and text contained on this web site are intended to be informational only and do not constitute endorsements, training guidance, examples or instructions.

Occasionally La Paw Spa gives web space to friends/clients to advertise their services. We love to support our friends and clients. La Paw Spa in no way endorses, warrants, guarantees, or is responsible, or liable for the representations or services provided by these pages. This service is provided as a courtesy only, for friends and clients of La Paw Spa.

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Listings on this website do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the business, service, or organization listed. The publisher of this site takes no responsibility for problems or complications that may result from patronizing any of the listed establishments. If you have concerns or complaints relating to any establishment listed on this website, please send it to cindy <at> and we will investigate the complaint.

While Cindy still enjoys providing therapy to her clients weekly, her work is often provided in pools that she does not own or manage. While she does her best to encourage the best water quality measures, she is not in control and therefore can not be responsible for the water quality in other pool facilities. She also finds herself in the position of referring clients to other programs and therapists whose location or availability may make them more suitable than what her schedule can accommodate. While She tries to only refer to pools and therapists that she is familiar with, She can not be held responsible for these programs, pools or therapists.

Some images used on and in the Tails from the Water newsletter and other publications of La Paw Spa may be courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and included under the GNU Free Documentation license which applies only to the items so used.