How often should I shock my pool?

The simple answer is “Whenever it needs it”. The real question is “How do I know when my pool needs a shock treatment?” Why Shock? First, it helps to understand what a shock treatment is and why we need to do it. When clients (both canine and...

The Emotional Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

The whole body approach to healing and the importance of the emotions are finally getting recognition in the world of medicine and science. John Hopkins recently released a list of thing to do that would help keep cancer from taking hold in the body and this list...

Can I get in the water with my dog?

Question: Can I get in the water with my dog? Answer: Absolutely !!! However, on our first session – you will be better support for your dog by being at pool side. Cindy does most of her first session at the steps, talking with you and getting to know your dog...

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