Pet Buddies Pooch Tube

Pet Buddies says: The Pooch Tube is designed and constructed purely for doggie enjoyment and entertainment. It’s a durable competition for the standard issue flying disc. It’s perfect for ring toss, tug of war, fetch, doggie water polo or low impact lawn...

Tuffie’s Soft Dog Toy

Tuffie’s is billed as the “World’s Tuff-est Soft Dog Toy”. Tuffies toys are made from 1 layer of soft fleece to allow for easy chewing and 2 layers of ballistic, industrial grade coated denier nylon in the center. All three layers are bonded...

Wubba World Water Wubba

Measuring 4″ X 17″, the patented Water Wubba is a very unique dog toy. The top part is a tennis ball and the middle is a pliable rubber ball (no squeaker in the water version). The covering is neoprene (wet-suit material) with bindings under each ball...

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