Level 1+2 Combo Testimonials

A few comments from our Level 1+2 Combo graduates:

“The combo class we took with Cindy was absolutely the best! We got all our training done at one time in the most beautiful spa I have ever seen for dogs! The training was all encompassing and I learned so much! The first day I realized how much I had to learn but by the end of our 10 days together, I felt I was more prepared to open our own spa. Cindy is very knowledgeable and trains us in a way that cuts right to the chase but in the most loving manner. She always makes you feel special and builds your confidence with the dogs. Thank you Cindy for one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I feel I have made a life long friend.”

“Thanks for all the great experiences. It was truly a life changing experience for me from day 1. Working at your model Spa was such a treat, and an inspiration for creating something special for the dogs that will come to me. Thank you for everything!!”

“Thank you for offering us a class that encompasses it all over a longer period of time. The houses in Sequim were so cozy and fun to live in and the extra time off on the Peninsula was really wonderful to process the deeper thoughts and work that was coming out of class.”

“Your spa sets the bar – you have thought of everything. It’s the perfect setting for classes and shows us what we need to consider when building our own spas.”

“Wow. That’s all I can say is wow. Canine water therapy is SO MUCH MORE than I thought it was!!! This itinerary allowed me to get deep into myself and explore how I really wanted to put this into practice when I get home – it was the perfect class.”

“I took Level 1 and 2 from Cindy at La Paw Spa. I never thought in a million years what would be of this. I found Cindy to be a True Angel, Professor, and Spirit Guide. Professor because of knowing exactly what type of dog to put in front of you to push beyond your limits. Angel in the fact she knew exactly what your soul needed. Spirit Guide to help direct you when you needed it the most. I learned so much that I will carry my knowledge with me forever and grow upon what I learned in my 10 days at La Paw Spa. All I can say is THANK YOU for this amazing JOURNEY!!!! Cindy will always be in my heart and soul !!!! Hopefully someday I can give that to people that walk through my door and the fabulous DOGS that walk through our door…..”