A few comments from our level 1 graduates:
  • This class exceeded my expectations – I learned so much more than I thought and learned so much about myself !!!
  • Cindy is an exceptional person with exceptional gifts. Her encompassing compassion allows her to share her journey with others….
  • This class exceeded all of my expectations on many levels !
  • You could not have done better… you achieved the perfect balance between work and socialization, technical and physical, activity and rest.
  • This class totally Exceeded all my expectations !!! Cindy did great, gave us enough rope to hang ourselves with – a very good way of teaching !
  • Cindy is a perfect dog goddess… and one of the most complete and balanced humans I have ever known…
  • Everything was wonderful – class was very in depth – the notebooks were incredible
  • This class FAR exceeded my expectations. I think we received everything we needed to start our own spa.
  • Accommodations were fantastic ! Food was amazing !
  • This class exceeded my expectations and was an incredible opportunity
  • There isn’t a day go by that I don’t think of you and praise that mighty power that brought you to us. You must be so excited to see the reward of all your hard work as you see us all start to fulfill our dreams. You should be proud. You are in every pool with each of us every day. What a precious gem to the world you have been. Glad you are in our lives.
  • Thank you for all the time you dedicated into this course. I really enjoyed myself and feel definitely feel inspired to continue my dream after meeting you.
  • Thanks so much Cindy for the positive energy and inspiration you continue to send to each of us!
  • Thank you Cindy for introducing and developing this work to such a high level.
  • I loved every minute of the class, the “girls” and you. I hope we can all stay in touch and meet for level 2 next year.
  • Your support and inspiration mean more than I can tell you! Your positive energy is so healing! Thanks so much!
  • When are you taking deposits for Level II class???
  • Cindy, you are truly an amazing & beautiful human being & I am so happy that I got to meet you & learn from you. Thank you for everything & sharing your gifts with us.
  • Who you are – how you teach – the dogs – Ava and Kwinn – made everything SOOOOOOOOOOOO clear to me.
  • I never imagined being with such an incredible group of nurturing people – with you leading the way! A time I will always be thankful for! My only regret…we all had to go home!
  • You are a true mentor and inspiration! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you and our class!
  • Cindy, in all my years in dogs and the hundreds of seminars I attended, this was nothing like anything I’ve ever done. I so want to thank you for your passion of putting your heart and soul into the program you have. I feel a bit speechless because I really don’t know what to say. I think we are all just feeling it and a bit overwhelmed at how to describe it. The world is a better place because of you and I feel I’m a better person in a small way for being part of it. You opened our eyes, ears and most of all our hearts. I don’t ever want to loose the talent & energy you have so instilled on us. Thank you SOOOO much Cindy and God Bless!

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