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I call my training program the ‘heart’ of canine water therapy as it is just that – the heart – the connection – the foundation from which you can build your practice. It is the consideration of the emotions behind that client seeking out your program, the fears behind the obvious. I will strive to inspire you to embrace the bigger picture – to support your clients fully – both the dog in your arms and their person at pool side. This work is a lot more than it seems … deeper that it appears … and so we go to the heart in our training….

Each of us will offer something different and unique in the water. Some of us will concentrate more on the physical therapy aspects of swimming while others will concentrate more on the emotional aspects of healing. Our clients will always have a choice of who they’d like to see for this work.

With our recent growth in the area of canine health care and alternative therapies, there are many canine body work classes available today. We now have a variety of classes to choose from in areas such as Accupressure, massage, TTouch, Watsu, Reiki, etc – I recommend that you enjoy any and all classes in these modalities that interest you as these will be your tools…tools that you will then take into the water with you when you do ‘canine water therapy’.

What my class will teach you is how to get a dog safely in the water and nurture and embrace the entire picture. How to give a balanced session and be responsible in the work. How to build a program and help your clients. I will teach the heart of the work… a foundation class from which you can then bring in your own style, tools and your own special gifts …

Level 1 Logo

Our class will cover items such as:

  • Basic functional anatomy.
  • Basic massage moves and an introduction to other forms of bodywork
  • The sacredness of this work. Your level or responsibility. Compassion.
  • Understanding the state of your client
  • Discussions and studies in the area of disabilities, rehabilitations and hospice.
  • Wheelchairs, mobility aides and options for care.
  • Being present. Exercises in presence.
  • Building intuition. Exercises in intuition.
  • Receive a short Watsu and learn first hand how profound this work is.
  • Learn about buoyancy. We’ll do exercises in water to increase stability. Footwork.
  • We will talk about Animal Communication and a discussion of behavior.
  • If time allows we’ll talk about acupuncture/chiropractic and other complementary therapies.
  • Common Orthopedic surgeries and Post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Building a program – We’ll discuss several cases that come to the pool and the therapy programs that work and why some don’t work.
  • Soap notes – Keeping files and client/veterinarian relations. Our responsibilities.
  • Incontinence – Managing both urinary and bowel incontinence.
  • Hospice, the various stages possible in the aging process and how to be lovingly available during this time.
  • The power of money – Discussions of the business and abundance theories. Accounting and setting up your business.
  • We’ll visit different pools and their set ups – discuss pool maintenance and options.

You will learn a standard recipe for a session in the water. You will learn positions and variations in the recipe. You will gain confidence in your abilities in water, with dogs and with this work. You will become sensitive and aware of the dangers and precautions. From here, as your experience and intuition grow, you will make your own variations to the work and develop your own unique style.

Because of the intense nature of this class and high integrity of the amazing team of teachers that will all come together to make this class happen for you – we will limit the class size to only 6 students – so that we can all bring to you the best that we have.

Very important – please read …

Upon completion of Level 1, you will receive a certificate of attendance. This certification is for attendance only and in no way authorizes you to practice. This course will not satisfy any legal requirements – for legal licensure, please consult with your area’s authorities. Each State is different in what they require. You should learn from your local and national authorities what is required to do the work that you intend to do. This is a dynamic industry and the laws are continually changing and up in the air.

Please note that although it is not my intention,
I do reserve the right to change – prices, dates and exact course content – subject to reality …
I also reserve the right to refuse participants for any reason at any time.