Heart 2 Heart Level 1 Certified

Once you’ve graduated Level 1 Training, you’re eligible to display
the Heart to Heart Certified Level One banner on your
web site or in your place of business.


To make it easy, you must first download one of the selection of
images provided below, and then copy/paste this HTML into your own web

Naturally you can use the text as-is to get this:

La Paw Spa Heart 2 Heart Level 1 Certified


You must download one of these images, and then upload it to your
own web site. You may not link to the image directly from our

To use an image:

  • Decide which of the images below you wish to use.
  • Right or CTRL+Click on the image and select “Save Image As” or “Save
    Picture As”
  • Make note of the filename that was saved, and the width, in pixels,
  • Upload the file to your web server.
  • Modify the HTML presented above, replacing “level1200b.jpg” with the
    correct file name of the image you selected, and its location on your
    server if necessary.

Your image selections:

200pixels wide, no border

400pixels wide, no border

500pixels wide, no border

200pixels wide, with border

400pixels wide, with border

500pixels wide, with border

Although this certification shows serious training accomplished, this is a certification of completion only and carries NO legal license to practice therapy or rehabilitation. That right is still governed by our local governing bodies. Please be careful and design your marketing in line with your legal scope of practice.

Many of the links and applications on this website are broken. An entirely new and improved website experience is being built and will be live shortly.

Please call/text Cindy at 425 222 9663 if you're interested in becoming a student or client.

Thank you for your patience.