By the time you have made it through our intense Level 1 training, you
will have become aware of the bigger picture of canine water therapy…
you will have felt the power of water first hand and have secured a safe
way to introduce a dog in the water… you will have learned various
holds to use while the dog is resting from swimming or receiving massage
and you will have become comfortable with a basic recipe for a basic
session. You will have been introduced to basic anatomy, gait analysis,
massage, fascia, orthopedic surgeries and options. You will have learned
about buoyancy and footwork in water and have become comfortable in water
with dogs and with yourself…

Now – onto more …. Fun fun fun…..

LEVEL 2: Expanding the recipe and the support we give to
our clients and your knowledge of anatomy and orthopedics. Deepening your
understanding of the work and furthering your skills and confidence so
that you can start (or deepen) your practice at home…

Level 2 will be limited to only 4 students so the one-on-one time is
greater and so that we can customize more to you individually.

In Level 2 – you will come prepared with a report to share with your
classmates on a joint in the body… its uses, its challenges, its
injuries and potential surgeries.

Level 2 introduces us to harder dogs and first time dogs, listening
skills and ways that we can be more present with our clients. Well each
get a chance to get up and talk about a joint in the dog and further our
understanding about anatomy. We discuss further the mobility aides and
hospice care available so that we can be of better support to those with
special needs. We go deeper into how to handle a new client and each of
you will have opportunity to do your own private session from start to
finish. We will talk about your unique gifts to the work and your own
style. We will cover SOAP notes and what to keep in a client file. Well
have a professional photographer come one day to take pictures and send
you home with some materials to start your own marketing campaign and
with more one-on-one time, well begin to explore further your own unique
gifts to the work.

If you are interested in joining me in this deeper adventure into canine
water therapy, please let me know!!!

It’s an honor to work with you.

Thank you.
~ Cindy

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Please note that although it is not my intention, I do reserve
the right to change – prices, dates and exact course content – subject to
I also reserve the right to refuse participants for any reason at any

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