After graduation from La Paw Spa’s training courses you will receive a private invitation to the exciting support forums where you can continue your informal education as you interact with Cindy and other Law Paw Spa graduates.

Here’s just one example of a recent post:

From: [a La Paw Spa Graduate]
Subject: Re: [la-paw-spa-graduates] Step into pool…

We did, (mostly my husband) make the steps. They are PVC pipe and plastic step

This is a picture of our corner “dog steps” out of the water, for our pool at home.
My husband and I have a wealth of inside pool and spa knowledge. We both have worked in the industry for over twenty years. My part-time job has been dog training for ten years.

This forum is AMAZING and I want to contribute more… But…. I bought out the training part of our business in January, so I’m still trying to get things organized and get HELP. I watch these posts and want to commend on every one. Not that I know it all, but do know how “little” many pool and spa operators understand about the unique demands dog pools create. Moving water through a pool with eight German Shepherds(shedders) swimming, is not on the scope of any pool dealer. They just don’t have the knowledge.

I hope the picture helps. This is an amazing industry and I welcome you to it.

I was certified through Cindy five years ago. It was the most amazing week I have ever had. Life changing! Want to go back. So, thankful for all she does.

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