Question: After your Level 1 course and your certification,
will I be legal to start my practice?

Answer: The laws involving this work are not defined and
are currently up in the air. Each State seems to have a different requirement
for who can ‘practice’ this work. From what I understand however – everyone on
the planet can help swim other people’s dogs… the dilemma is when that person
wants to call their work “Therapy” or call themselves a “Therapist”. Here in
Washington State – you can become a therapist if you have your human massage
license and your endorsement for small animal massage, I suggest you contact
your local authorities to make sure you understand what is required of you if
you want to call yourself a therapist. From my Level 1 class you will receive a
certification of attendance only. This will carry the weight of my reputation
but will not carry any legal weight in terms of licensure.

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