Training Opportunities

Cindy offers the following Training Opportunities:

At the Heart of Canine Aquatic Therapy

My main Certification Program is called “At the Heart of Canine Aquatic Therapy”. There is a Level 1 and 2 curriculum. This certification program is currently being offered in Mooresville, North Carolina & Bellingham, Washington at YOUR hometown pool and facilities.

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Open to any of our graduates of the certification program. A customized one or two day experience. Learn More.

Mobility Unleashed

A 4 week on line intensive, customized and private to one student or client, and their specific goals. We will strive together to move the needle forward during this 28 days. Learn More.

Phone Consultations

One hour of undisturbed time. Learn More.

And finally, I am also willing to explore my traveling to your pool for training opportunities that we co-create. Email me at and we’ll make a plan. Looking forward to working with you!