Fletcher Loved Her Pants

Fletcher was our sweet dog. Half golden retriever and half yellow lab, she entertained us almost constantly for 13½ years. She was very high energy and puppy-like for the first ten years, but as time went by, she began to age. After about 11 years Fletcher began having some incontinence issues. It wasn’t all that often, and we lived in a “dog house,” so it wasn’t the end of the world to clean up a dribble here or there. But …

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Booties and Protective Wear

Booties and Protective Wear Sometimes when a dog has lost full mobility of a limb, they drag their foot/feet and we need to think about protection. I have seen people get very creative here from daily wrapping with vetrap to little kid mittens and ductape. Luckily we have many companies now that offer many different kinds of protective footwear now. Booties If your dog has started dragging his feet or scuffing, booties can be a great way to protect those delicate paws.

Incontinence Aids

Often due to age or injury, our canine friends will experience some kind of incontinence in their lives. Sometimes this is temporary and sometimes this is more permanent in nature. Sometimes there is only urinary incontinence, sometimes there is only bowel incontinence and sometimes it is both. Whatever it is, incontinence is an easy thing to manage. You can have a normal happy long life with an incontinent pet… it’s just about having the right tools and education. Diapers and …

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Other Support Products

We have a growing number of support products and services now in this area of geriatric and disabled pet support. Ortho Vet SPLINTS The new OrthoVet Splints are modeled after the human splints that have become increasingly popular for lower leg, ankle and foot injuries. Handicapped Pets – Products, Services, and Classifieds for handicapped pets, Their Family, and Friends.Their mission: “There was a day when injured pets were ‘no good anymore.’ When an animal was hurt, became lame or incontinent, or was, …

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Ramps and Steps

One of the first things hurdles that we come to, when we enter a less active state, is to consider how to get into and out of the car, the house, how to maneuver stairs, how to get up on the bed etc … luckily we are not alone! And there are many products here that will help in this area as well ! Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats at America’s Pet Store Don’t overlook handicap …

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Pet Beds

One of my favorite beds for my spa or an incontinent pet, is a twin-size futon or mattress with a zippered full vinyl cover and then a flannel fitted sheet that matches the décor. This bed is inexpensive, easy to manage and you can cuddle up on it too! You can also get these to fit any size mattress so you can put one on your bed too if you like to sleep with your dog. This way you don’t …

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The Autumn Years

What do we do when our loving pets face the last leg of the race? We do all we can to help them finish well, of course. We take time to read the unspoken needs of the friends we’ve come to know so well. We give the simple reassurance of a loving touch when the old boy seems confused for no reason. We groom them faithfully, but more gently, as age brings muscle wasting, and the arthritic bones aren’t so …

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Reflections on Dying – ‘Death by Inches’

“My beloved dog Cricket is slowly slipping away. I keep thinking each day might be her last, and yet she keeps on surprising me …” Cricket is La Paw Spa’s long-time “cover girl”. Continue reading this essay by Cricket’s owner:Death by inches.

Noseworks Is Great For Geriatric And Special Needs Dogs

Congratulations to Batman Batman is nearly 15 and achieved his nose works one title in June 2011 and was the 3rd oldest dog to achieve that title in the USA! Congratulations Bosun Rambo! Bosun obtained his ORT title on wheels – April 23rd, 2011 Read about Bosun in the Peninsula Daily News! Watch Bosun’s Noseworks on Video! • We all love our instructor Karla Kimmey and she only starts 8 students every 8 weeks in Sequim/Port Angelescontact her for one of these openings: Phone:1-888-876-9364Outside US: …

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When The Spirit Has Left

The spirit has left its beautiful container – and now what do I do…Remaining present and fluid in your plans When I lost Kwinn, my 9 year old shepherd, to cancer – it took me totally by surprise. From the time we discovered the cancer until the time I lost her was about 6 hours. I was reeling in shock and disbelief and I couldn’t get my arms wrapped around this new reality in my life. There are many components …

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