Work With Cindy on Land

I do this myself; it’s never delegated and and I never serve more than two clients in a day.

I book all my own appointments. You can find the best ways to get in touch on my Contact Page.

Land Work

Special Needs Pet Visits

$150 and run generally around 90 minutes – exercise, water cleaned and provided, things noted, photo or note texted as a report in if desired. Meals if desired – will be careful to provide quiet time between exercise and meals and a session of therapy.

House Calls – a single visit or occasional visits – $ 150

Hi Cindy – just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about what you have done for us, thus far – truly positive and life changing stuff! Thank you !!! We are all extremely grateful. And we look forward to our dog’s ultimate recovery, with your continued great help.
Best, S.L.

  • Body Work & Massage
  • Land Exercises with Goals

Each Session runs about 90 minutes – a chart is kept for future reference – other exercises are added/supplied – Notes are shared and a schedule with goals is created.

This can include a pet visit (see above) if other things need to be done and you would like me to do this while you are away – no additional charge.

If the entire visit goes over 90 minutes then it’ll be charged out at $50/hour after that.

* I usually don’t have a charge for my driving time, but a travel charge may apply if you are a distance from my location. We will discuss at time of booking.