Therapy FAQs

Canine Bodywork and Massage

During a water therapy session, even if your dog has only signed up for a swim conditioning program, there will need to be resting times as water is up to 20 times the resistance of air. It is during these resting times when bodywork and massage are ideal. An...

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My dog doesn’t use his back legs when swimming

Question: My dog doesn't use his back legs when swimming. Answer: Good question! I was horrified when I first started back in 1996 and noticed that probably 50% of dogs don't use their back legs in water.... And then I remembered the dog paddle - - - remember when you...

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Can I get in the water with my dog?

Question: Can I get in the water with my dog? Answer: Absolutely !!! However, on our first session - you will be better support for your dog by being at pool side. Cindy does most of her first session at the steps, talking with you and getting to know your dog and...

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Do you have any shorter appointments?

Question: I see that all of your appointments are an hour long. I don't think that my dog can handle that much activity. Do you have any shorter appointments available?   Answer: Spa time is a lot more than just the time spent swimming! Along with swimming, we also...

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Do you use Life Jackets?

Question: Do you use Life Jackets at La Paw Spa? Answer: If you are coming to Cindy for a therapy session, she will be in the water for the entire session with your pup. She will choose not to use a life jacket in a session so that she can see the full range of motion...

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When can I do self swimming?

Question: When can I do self swimming? Answer: Well, that depends on your skill and what your dog requires. Many people who want to self swim require only one instructional session from Cindy and then they are well on their way. Some people prefer to spend a bit more...

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How many sessions will my dog require?

Question: How many sessions will my dog require at La Paw Spa? Answer: Well.. this is a loaded question... the answer to this one depends on about 20 different variables - maybe more. We first will want to discuss your situation with your veterinarian and come up with...

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Is my dog too big to swim in your pool?

Question: Is my dog too big to swim in your pool? And how are we going to get him in? Answer: When my buddy, Cardiff, arrived at the pool, he resembled a small horse weighing in at 240 pounds. This was the largest dog that had ever visited La Paw Spa. Well okay, he...

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