Client Stories and Testimonials

Stories and Testimonials from some of La Paw Spa’s friends and clients.

From Carol Gurney, internationally known and loved animal communicator and author of “The Language of Animals“:

How can I begin to describe the love and utmost respect that I feel for Cindy and what her life’s purpose is. She is so true to her animal friends. I think the world of Cindy and her connection with the animals…


Alex – Swimming for Geriatric Care:
On a frosty winter morning thirteen years ago, my niece Jessica Abrams was on her way to Port Angeles High School. Stopped at an intersection, she saw a tiny white ball of fluff dart out from the side of the road and run under her truck, where he sat trembling. (Continue Reading…)

Amber – Water Rehabilitation for Canine Geriatrics:
I have had a very important job in my life. I have taken care of my family for 16 1/2 years. I became a service dog to better take care of my dad … When it started feeling better to just not move at all, he took me to the veterinarian (Continue Reading…)

Annie – Canine Rehabilitation for ACL repair:
Finding Cindy Horsfall and her unique warm-water-spa-swimming-massage ministry for dogs has meant that our Annie went from a 3-legged canine to walking AND running again … using all 4 legs! (Continue Reading…)

BB – Water Therapy for Degenerative Myelopathy:
My Pug BB is 15 years old and suffers from a degenerative neurological condition that has caused weakness in her rear legs. As a result she has great difficulty in walking. (Continue Reading…)

Biz – Aquatic Massage for Fascia Release:
It was a lovely fall morning of running and playing at the local Junior High school football field. By the end of that walk a new journey would begin. This journey would take time, love, patience and a true belief in another human being with an incredible ability to heal. (Continue Reading…)

Bosun – The Excitement of Nose Works:
Click the video below to see Bosun do his thing:… (Continue Reading…)

Brodie – Teaching a dog to swim:
We all know that bulldogs sink like stones… the question was when Sandy brought Brodie to the spa is can a bulldog learn to swim? (Continue Reading…)

Cardiff – Surgical Recovery with Water Therapy:
I don’t even know where to begin…..I am in awe of how I’ve seen Cindy expand upon her vision this past year! What started as a dream, and a valuable one, has developed into a well sought after level of experience from canine lovers across the nation. To think of warm water canine therapy, you have to think of its pioneer… Cindy Horsfall. (Continue Reading…)

Dick – Swim Therapy for Geriatric Care:
My dog Dick, a Shepherd Mix, is 10 years old. His back end is, of course, getting weaker with age. Although he’s a good swimmer, it’s difficult to find the perfect place and situation to make that happen. (Continue Reading…)

Dugan – Water Therapy for Paralysis:
I sought out canine water therapy for my paralyzed 11 year old pug. In the end, it was hard to say which of us benefited more. (Continue Reading…)

Ebony – Water Therapy for Strength Building:
Sometimes when our canine companions get older and their abilities begin to become compromised, we need to seek solutions and to offer help. Here is one story of a woman and her dog – true and equal partners in this life – as they balance their relationship and each help each other to evolve during this process. (Continue Reading…)

Emmy – Swimming for Quality of Life:
Life, love, loss, and getting skunked with the best friend a man ever had by Hal Everett • Emmy entered my life in 1998, at six weeks of age. I bought her to be a fishing dog, who would accompany… (Continue Reading…)

Enya – Swimming rebuilds gait in show dog:
There is no way we can thank you enough for all you have done for Enya! (Continue Reading…)

Gabriel – Water Massage for Canine Athlete:
My golden retriever, Gabriel, can be pretty hyper and intense, so it’s amazing to see him literally melt in Cindy’s arms as she works her magic touch. (Continue Reading…)

Gracie – Swimming To Recovery:
Imagine. You return from vacation, well-rested and missing your dog who you had to regretfully leave behind at the kennel. You can’t wait to see the excitement on your pup’s face when you pick her up, and you’re already thinking about a long walk as soon as you get home. But as you greet the kennel workers, something feels wrong; … (Continue Reading…)

Guido – Water Therapy for Degenerative Myelopathy:
Living with Degenerative Mylopethy Guido Guido was always an active dog. One of his self-appointed “jobs” was to herd our first Corgi, Vera, as she chased the tennis ball in our back yard. It was a job he took seriously… (Continue Reading…)

I never swam in a pool before:
A Poem by Bailey May 2015 I never swam in a pool before The day I walked through La Paw Spa’s door You greeted me with treats and a smile We sat and we talked about things for awhile Then… (Continue Reading…)

Jake – Aquatic Treatments for Geriatric Care:
The effort of caring for a geriatric dog can be emotionally and physically exhausting. To have this unique place to bring your dog … (Continue Reading…)

KT – Canine Geriatric Care:
KT comes weekly to La Paw Spa for stretches and gentle swimming to help keep the circulation in her body flowing and her body limber. The warm waters of the spa, the weightless of the water and the massage… (Continue Reading…)

Karma – Using Water to Rehab Canine Injury:
When we first brought Karma to swim with Cindy after her awful accident, we (along with the vets, who said it would not happen) were dubious that she would ever again regain full function. After 16 months she was 99% healed and went on to achieve her ASFA field Championship, in huge part due to her visits to La Paw Spa and Cindy’s gentle, healing ways. (Continue Reading…)

Kate – Swimming Helps Rehabilitate Hip Dysplasia:
We have a 13 month old Golden Retriever, Kate. When she was about 8-9 months old we found out she has bilateral hip dysphasia. We were devastated until we learned that there were many surgeries and treatments available. (Continue Reading…)

Katy – Swimming To Help Growth and Development of Puppies:
Katy is great, thank you! I will attempt to explain what I noticed from our session with you…. I would say that she was more “grounded” that day. Which is a very huge shift in energy for a 16 week… (Continue Reading…)

Lexi – Aquatic Massage and Swimming:
Lexi is a 5 year old German Shepherd, who has been coming to see Cindy since July of 2002. (Continue Reading…)

Lilly – Swim Therapy for Spinal Injury:
Hi my name is Lilly. I am only 5 years old and I have arthritis so bad that I was loosing the use of my hind legs. One day I went out to play and was having so much fun … (Continue Reading…)

Lucy – Swimming Helps Rehabilitate ACL Repair:
At the center of my family is a wonderful beagle named Lucy. Lucy had the perfect beagle’s liferunning and sniffing, playing and with our kids, and being spoiled by our family. About two years ago she required ACL surgery and seemed to be recovering until she was attacked by a large dog that passed through our yard. (Continue Reading…)

Maggie – Aquatic Therapy Helps Rehabilitate FCE Dog:
In the last 2 1/2 years I have become the caregiver of a beautiful, partially paralyzed, yellow lab girl named Maggie. While she was previously owned by my neighbors she had been struck with a condition called Fibro cartilaginous Embolism (Continue Reading…)

Maggie – Water Therapy Helps Paralyzed Dog to Walk:
The lovely Maggie suffers from a condition called Fibro Cartilaginous Embolism (FCE) – which basically means that Maggie had a stroke in her spine. Maggie lost use of her hind legs, bladder and bowels which for a 55lb dog in this condition requires so much extra care. Her prognosis was not good … (Continue Reading…)

Mattie – Hydrotherapy for a Ruptured Disc:
We were driving through Minnesota on our way back from Washington, September 2002, and I saw a sign for AKC Springer pups. We decided that since it was two years since we had lost our last Springer, it was… (Continue Reading…)

Max – Swimming Helps Injury Repair:
Before I met Cindy Horsfall, I was at the end of my emotional rope. My precious two-year old Golden Retriever, Max, has suffered an injury to his right hind leg (both bones broken, spiral fractures, etc.). (Continue Reading…)

Mobility Unleashed: Hey, Come Back Charlie!:
HEY! STOP! COME BACK CHARLIE !!! The sounds of someone on the move…. these words are music to any health care provider’s ears when they have been caring for someone who is challenged in their mobility. I had been working… (Continue Reading…)

Noseworks Is Great For Geriatric And Special Needs Dogs:
Congratulations to Batman… (Continue Reading…)

Oakley – Running and Playing After Paralysis:
We adopted Oakley in March of 2006 when he was 2 years old. He had been listed in a Seattle area newspaper as being for sale by an individual who had a pair of breeding Berners and learned that… (Continue Reading…)

Otto – Warm Water Helps Arthritis and Pain:
Our experiences at La Paw Spa were truly enlightening. Otto, our 14 year old, arthritic lab-mix had developed stiffness and discomfort in his hips and paws. In our attempt to help relieve his pain we sought out Cindy at La Paw Spa … (Continue Reading…)

Owen – Swimming for Canine Conditioning:
Carrie and Owen came in to swim for conditioning purposes only – to build up
Owen’s stamina and body (Continue Reading…)

Raiden – Water Therapy is Great for Growing Puppies :
Raiden is 5 1/2 months old now and she has been swimming since 8 weeks of age and is LOVING it!! Originally I had started swimming for socializing her to water…it is such a safe and nurturing environment and… (Continue Reading…)

Range of motion in water:
by christine ina casillas | christine.casillas(<at>) Originally published in the July 10, 2009 edition of Sequim This Week – reprinted with permission. Cindy Horsfall of La Paw Spa helps her client Maggie though the waters during a warm water therapy… (Continue Reading…)

Sarah – A New Definition of “Canine Water Therapy”:
Today was one of those good days, the kind that makes you glad to be alive. It began when I met Sarah and ended as I drove home under a beautiful sunset sky that matched the warm glow inside of me. (Continue Reading…)

Shane – Swimming Helps Keep this Dog out of Surgery:
Thank you so much for seeing Shane. You’ve helped him a lot, but also you’ve helped me. (Continue Reading…)

Teddy – Swim Therapy Helps Dog to Walk Again:
Teddy is a little better. His legs are still very weak, but today he was able to walk in the park for the first time. I’ll say one thing–he really loves his water workouts! (Continue Reading…)

Tex – Rebuilding Gait with Swim Therapy:
I just wanted to send you some feedback on Tex. It seems you and Martha have introduced me to a whole new area of care/rehab for the fur kids, and Tex continues to be the master teacher. Even my husband noticed a difference in Tex yesterday. (Continue Reading…)

The Healing Power of Water:
The story of one student seeking out a profession in water therapy, and benefits personally from the magic of water. (Continue Reading…)

Toby – Warm Water Therapy Helps Canine Growing Pains:
Toby, my Bernese Mountain dog, was in constant pain and limping extensively from the time that he was about 4 months old. After spending $1200. at Pullman’s vet school, we left with no definite diagnosis, just possible tendons that were too tight. (Continue Reading…)

Zion – Aquatic Therapy for Degenerative Myelopathy:
My beautiful boy dog, Zion, had Degenerative Myelopathy of the German Shepherd Dog (DM is a progressive disease that gradually paralyzes the dog). Zion’s physical deterioration was heartbreaking, but taking him to La Paw Spa was like taking a trip back in time to Warm Springs in the days of Polio. (Continue Reading…)




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