Living a Good Life

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

The body is always striving to be in a state of balance. To work with the body is an act of deep respect for mother nature and for the natural order of things. One must be fully present and listen with deep love and compassion to allow the answers to reveal themselves. Working with nature’s rules and seeking nature’s miracles.

Cindy’s passionate, engaging and relatable style of sharing has helped people all over the world change their lives and reconnect with the blessings of nature’s gifts.This section of the website is a dedication to Mother Nature.

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Better Living without Toxic Chemicals

I have had a lifetime dedicated to protecting this earth and loving all of nature… I owned and operated a health store for pets back the 1990s when this topic wasn’t even a household word!

So when I learned about a company called dôTERRA, who had my same high integrity standards, it was an instant match for me.

The goals and ethics of this company are unparalleled. These products are better than organic… always 100% pure and of the highest medicinal grade.

Striving to empower every living soul on this planet with good health and providing choices that feed the earth and its people, dôTERRA creates Co-Impact Sourcing agreements with their farmers from all over the world to bring to us only the best products that rigidly tested via several 3rd party channels.

My life and great health are due to using dõTerra in every area of my life, from the vitamins and natural solutions, to making all of my own cleaning products.

I love empowering others to create their own natural health care solutions so that their health, their home, the land that they care for and the health of their animals and other loved ones can thrive.

I would love to have you join me. Please contact me for more information and let’s start your Wellness journey together.

Let’s talk about natural solutions…. shall we?

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I will get an alert email and will immediately reach out to you and together we will address your top 3 health concerns.

I will then put together a custom package of products, at no additional charge to you, and mail them to you.

I am committed to anyone who chooses a more natural lifestyle.

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From my vet, Dr Janet Roark, “dõTerra’s aromatouch and Marjoram are my go-to oils for muscular support, used topically. dõTerra’s copiaba and frankincense internally dropped into their food, is also helpful if there is inflammation. “

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