Canine Bodywork and Massage

During a water therapy session, even if your dog has only signed up for a swim conditioning program, there will need to be resting times as water is up to 20 times the resistance of air. It is during these resting times when bodywork and massage are ideal. An experienced therapist should be noticing the movement and strength used during a swim. Limitations to the gait and movement are detectable in the 3 dimensionality of water – and then during the rest periods, specific bodywork modalities can be applied to help in the areas that need to be addressed. Some of the wonderful tools that we can use in water include Acupressure, TTouch, Reiki, Massage, Fascia Release and the list goes on and on – – –

Cindy Horsfall is a trained and licensed massage therapist for humans and canines and uses these tools in every therapy session at La Paw Spa. Cindy has also obtained extensive training in the area of Structural Integration and has been a certified as a structural integrator since 2003. This means that she works in the wonderful world of fascia… Cindy has developed a 10 session structural integration series in her land work and intuitively applies this work in water.

What is Fascia?

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