Dick – Swim Therapy for Geriatric Care

My dog Dick, a Shepherd Mix, is 10 years old. His back end is, of course, getting weaker with age. Although he’s a good swimmer, it’s difficult to find the perfect place and situation to make that happen.When I started with Cindy my intent was prevention. To keep him moving and try and stave off the inevitable weakening as long as possible. What I didn’t realize is that along with the desired result of helping Dick would come a wonderful friend.

Dick Levin4-04 FF

Cindy is fabulous with the dogs, incredible of spirit, and all in all a wonderful person. Going to my appointment is like having a little bubble of time in my week that allows me and my dogs to relax and smile and do something healthy. She’s even tried to improve the swimming skills of my other dog, Mini.

As a result, Dick is healthy, his back end is strong, and even though Mini believes we’re trying to drown her every time she has to swim, they both clearly love making it to their appointments.

And Cindy. We all adore Cindy.