In order to be efficient and create a shorter custom class, I ask that you
try to do the following prior to class:

These are subjects covered in our longer class and I feel are important to
your certification with La Paw Spa. If you are unable to complete these 6 items, you will still obtain a level one certificate but need all 6 in order to obtain your level 2 certificate.

  1. Go enjoy a therapy session of WATSU and write to me what you felt in the
    water… don’t think about it while you’re receiving but later, write me your
    thoughts on water as a medium for work – was it more profound or emotional
    than you thought ? We need to begin to embrace the potential of water so we
    can be responsible with it…
  2. Read a book on listening skills ( a couple of suggestions below) and then
    go consciously apply them in 3 different conversations and explain to me how
    that felt for you.
  3. Take some kind of hands on healing class for dogs – it can be massage,
    ttouch, energy work, etc… Tell me what you like about it, the benefits,
  4. Understand basic anatomy of the dog – the bony landmarks – i.e. the elbow,
    knee, hip, etc…
  5. Briefly write me a list from head to toe of the most common injuries and
    surgeries for a dog.
  6. Write me a story about how you have used ‘intuition’ in some situation and
    where you felt it in your body – i.e. a feeling in your gut, an image in your
    head – etc… Just tell me about that is for you and how it works in your


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