Max – Swimming Helps Injury Repair

Before I met Cindy Horsfall, I was at the end of my emotional rope. My precious two-year old Golden Retriever, Max, has suffered an injury to his right hind leg (both bones broken, spiral fractures, etc.).

After three surgeries over a four-month period, and complications caused by a systemic bacterial infection, Max had gotten very used to not using his atrophied injured leg. We tried the underwater treadmill, but Max still could not be persuaded to use the bad leg. I was worried that he might be in pain or that something else was wrong, requiring yet another surgery. I was desperate for Max to be the happy boy he had been. No exercise for nearly four months had taken its toll on both of us. His behavior was becoming difficult to manage. And so were his mounting medical bills, approaching $6,000.00.

Max swimming with Cindy

To my good fortune, I was referred to Cindy Horsfall by a wonderful trainer friend of mine, Joyce Bienthanseto (

Cindy recommended six sessions over a three week period. She assured me that I would see improvements right away.

Seeing Max in water again was such a blessing for me. He was so happy swimming in 94 degree water playing with all the floating toys. This was Max’s fantasy world come true.

I noticed physical and behavioral changes immediately. Two days after the second therapy session, Max went potty and lifted his GOOD LEG! I was awestruck!

The morning after our third session, Max (who we had been lifting to our bed for his morning cuddle time) jumped up effortlessly, as he had done before his injury! My husband and I stared at each other in disbelief and amazement. Max acted like it was no big deal. He curled up in a ball and went to sleep…..dreaming about his therapy session, I think.

After swim therapy - what a recovery!

Now Max is playing again with his doggie sister, Molly. Life is rapidly getting back to normal. Our nightmare has become a sweet dream.

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