Post Card Business Card Works Wonders – The Power of the Testimonial

Word of mouth advertising is the best form of promotion you can have for your business. Using the words from your happy customers, in the form of testimonials in your promotional materials allow you the opportunity to share these individual experiences of your specific service with potential clients.

Keep a running list of comments and feedback your clients have provided to you. This could be something as simple as a complement they made to you after a treatment, a note written on a letter of thanks, feedback from a sign-in sheet you maintain on your premises, an email sent to you, etc. Make it a point to ask your clients if you can use their comment. This statement can sometimes fosters additional feedback for your own growth as well as potential “copy” for your headlines and “feature” statements.

As your list of testimonials grows, you will have a “living” resource of potential copy points for your promotional material. You may be surprised at the range of comments you will generate from your clients. Something you may take for granted just might be the very reason certain clients choose to patronize your business.

Copy points that may be features unique to you and your business may include:

  • Your specific business location
  • Your credentials
  • Previous vocations or hobbies
  • Affiliations to vocational and business organizations
  • Your Staff and their credentials and skills
  • Your facility
  • Special treatments you offer
  • Special rates for specific services or programs
  • Unique tools or equipment you utilize
  • Additional products you may offer onsite or through a CO-OP

You do not have to use all of the words originally provided by your clients. Matter of fact, the more you can condense the statement to the “essence” of the original intent the better your message is conveyed.

In my first article I focused on building your database of customers and prospects – the heart of your “marketing center.” Now that you have a formalized system for not only capturing and maintaining critical contacts, you now have a system to insure that you are building a file of marketing support material for your flyers, post cards, web site, etc.

Together with your copy and database you are probably ready to upgrade your business card or flyer. By creating a headline that in just a few words states your mission statement, followed by a sentence describing your unique services with bullet points itemizing your standard and individualized services and products, and accompanied with an invitation to call and visit, and closing with all pertinent contact information.

Be certain to have 3 to 4 different images to help inform the reader of your services. With the advent of powerful graphics programs, you do not have to have perfect images, but the better the subject matter and the focus are two critical factors that make a standard promotional piece come alive with information.

There are many resources available today to help you print and even mail out our promotional tools to your customers and prospects. A few services offer departments that can design your card once they receive your copy and images. You may already have access to a graphic designer to assemble and prepare a digital file that can be readily accepted by printing facilities. If you do not have someone preparing your material, or do not choose to prepare the design yourself, there are a few printing firms that will provide free design services for you, two of them are listed below.

One of the most effective and primary promotional tools you can create for your business is a business card the size of a standard post card. is an online buying service that has ranked the top 10 post card/business card printers (see listing on next page). The services provided by these printers vary to the degree of turnaround timing once they receive your art and your final proof with an average of 2 to 3 weeks.

Some of these firms also offer complete mailing services. All you have to do is provide them with a copy of your mailing list in digital format such as an Excel file. They will take your names and either label or imprint addresses directly onto the card, meter the appropriate amount postage, usually for a carrier route presort, and drop at the post office. Amazingly enough, the postage fee you may pay could be lower than if you were to take to the post office and mail yourself. This is due to the presort savings the mailing house can take advantage of. One printer I have enjoyed working with for the past 4 years is: ADG ( – 800-342-3282.

They offer free design services and once the art has been finalized and approved, it can take 7 to 10 days for the printing. Print times will vary among the printers. The technology of printing has improved to the point that you can pretty much expect the same degree of high quality printing from any printer.’s Guide to Online Buying Listing the top 10 recommended printers for 4-color post cards and business cards. (

The Guide’s Pick – Ad-Graphics Great Pricing on Postcards printed full color both sides. 500: $79.95; 1,000: $89.95 w/coupon code PG6466. Mailing & addressing: 1,000: $105.00 ~ 800-342-3282

More Recommended Suppliers:

Top Knotch – ~ 905-624-5400

Koolprint – Free design services and free shipping – ~ 888-352-1800

Color K Graphics – ~ 866.326.5675

Pure Postcards – Offers design services – ~ 866-413-1562

PsPrint – ~ 800.511.2009

PrintingFor – ~ 800-930-6040 – Offers design services – ~ 800-691-7867 – ~ 800-844-0599 – ~ 800-301-8870

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