Every year in February for the last 14 years K9 Carts has exhibited at the

Western Veterinary Conference held in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the
world. I am not a gambler but I usually throw away $10 each year playing the
slots. Do I have a system for losing money? No, it depends on what Casino I am
in at the time. However if I knew of a Casino or bank of slot machines that
guaranteed that there was a 75% or greater chance of winning, then that is
where I would put my money. While I’ve yet to find a way to raise my gambling
odds, I’ve had great success raising the odds for mobility-impaired pets.

We can raise our odds in life every day by our personal choices and actions.
There is no definite guarantee that our lives will be happy, healthy and
successful but we can definitely raise our odds by knowledge and watching and
learning from successful people. With our health, we can help maintain good
health by diet and exercise and if surgery is indicated, seek out the best
surgeons and specialists followed by the proper rehabilitation should surgery
be necessary. We are raising our odds that we will be able to do what we want
to do in life when and where we want to especially as we grow older, whether it
be skiing, tennis, white water rafting etc. In Big Sky Montana the senior pass
for skiing is 70!

We know by giving animals rehabilitation, we raise the odds for animals
recovering in a safer, faster manner, whether it is pre or post surgery or
those for whom surgery is not indicated. Of course there are pets with medical
conditions such as degenerative myelopathy where we know they are not going to
regain mobility but we certainly improve their quality of life by giving them a
means of mobility with a K9 cart. I am sure you see daily results when you swim
and massage pets in your pools.

If you have ever gone through major surgery usually the day after surgery,
the nurses and rehabilitation staff have you up and walking either with
crutches or a walker to keep your body functioning. Lying in bed is not
healthy. The same applies to pets. Cage rest causes unhappiness and being
confined may even do further damage. Just try keeping a young dog quiet after
surgery! Placing them in a K9 cart will protect the injured back or limb and
prevent further damage as they recover.


Molly, an 11 year old Golden Retriever, came in to see us for a cart rental.
She had been run over by a car and her left femur was shattered. The femur had
been repaired with a plate and now nursing care was an issue as the surgeon did
not want her bearing full weight on that leg. Even after a couple of days, the
owners were finding it difficult to care for Molly as she is an 85lb dog and of
course they were afraid that she would re-injure the leg. Options available
were lifting her on and off stretchers and holding her up with multiple slings
and always watching out for her falling when they took her outside to
eliminate. Fortunately the surgeon had recommended they look into a cart for
Molly. By renting Molly a cart, we have raised Molly’s odds of a faster, safer
recovery and made nursing care easier for the owner. Molly will be happier in a
standing position even if it is only for short periods of time and will remain
healthier through her recovery.

Molly in her Cart

Update on Molly:
Two weeks later, Molly’s owner called to return the cart as to quote him “it
did the job” What exactly did he mean by “did the job?” A K9 cart allowed Molly
to be in a standing position for short periods of time, not constantly lying on
her side possibly incurring sores and having to be bathed often due to
incontinence as she could not get up and be taken outside as often as needed.
She was able to eat, drink and eliminate in a standing position. The cart
protected the surgery leg and took stress off the non-surgical leg and the rest
of her body. Molly was happy to get up on all fours, the owners could handle
her in an easier manner and were happier seeing her recovering safely, which
took some stress out of their lives. The K9 cart kept her safe while allowing
the fracture to heal to a point where it was safe for her to be without a cart
thus preventing the leg from further injury leading to possible amputation.


Squishy, a 7 year old Rex Rabbit, was brought to us by Dr Maya Bewig in
Sequim Wa. She only had ½ of her left front leg and her back legs were
extremely weak. She could only drag herself around leaving her susceptible to
sores and infection. We placed her in a specially designed cart and off she
hopped, munching grass along the way.

Squishy may or may not recover function. We shall see how she is doing when
she visits us on August 6th at La Paws Spa in Sequim as I have invited her to
be a guest when I give my presentation to Cindy Horsfall’s students. We will
also have a five month old paralyzed Dachshund puppy, who was abandoned and
adopted by Cecilia Newberg and shall see how this little pup is doing.

For every cart we ship out we raise that pet’s odds for either coming back
to running around on all fours again or living a longer happier life while
maintaining a better quality of life.

I strongly suggest that you raise your odds at your facility by calling us
about our rehabilitative carts. You will then be able to rent out carts to your
patients on a temporary basis. I promise you will be thrilled by the quick
results and your clients will be happier knowing that you have gone that extra
mile to ensure their pets a happier safer recovery, making nursing care easier
for them and improving their pet’s quality of life during recovery.

If you wish me to come and give a demonstration and talk to your group about
how to add this dimension to your facility, please call me. Don’t gamble
without raising your odds offer your patients an additional rehabilitative aid
– a K9 Cart

Barbara Parks
Pet Mobility Rehab Center
(formerly K-9 Carts West)
Langley, WA

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