Resources and Links

Links to others in the service of Canine Health Care and Support, as well as products to support disabilities, post surgical care, incontinence, geriatrics.

Looking for a spa in your area? Be sure sure to check out Graduates and Other Pools – some of our best resources are our own Heart 2 Heart certified La Paw Spa graduates!

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:
Did you know that Water Therapy for Dogs is now covered by Insurance ? (Continue Reading…)

Spa robes available!:
From left to right, Danny wearing the medium bone print, Jenny wearing the medium red w/black paws, and Aimee wearing the large size tiger print robe. Spa robes Available for Sale! These robes have such a unique and easy… (Continue Reading…)

The Association of Canine Water Therapy:
The Association of Canine Water Therapy (ACWT) was founded in 1995 by Cindy Horsfall – as an effort to create a neutral body of support for all those who work in this field of canine health care…. (Continue Reading…)

The La Paw Spa Sponsorship Fund:
I’m so honored and grateful to have heard from several people asking if they can contribute funds to other people’s spa work. After seeing the benefits of canine water therapy for themselves, they want to share the experience with others (Continue Reading…)

The La Paw Spa Store:
Bite Not® Collars, Quick Lift™ Mobility Aids, Quick Carry™ Stretchers (Continue Reading…)