Spa robes available!

Danny, Jenny and Aimee wearing their robes

From left to right, Danny wearing the medium bone print, Jenny wearing the medium red w/black paws, and Aimee wearing the large size tiger print robe.


These robes have such a unique and easy design, with the long ties that are offset across the belly and tie on the back. Easy to put on, Easy to take off and fit just about any body type.

They are the perfect thing for after a session in the warm pool, where we want to keep the dogs back and muscles warm. A lining of either white or brown terry material that is designed to wick away moisture and an outer layer of warm plush polar fleece in fun colors and designs.

Reasonably priced and made by hand. To order, call the number at the bottom of this page and Lynda will go over all the colors of what is available and take your order.

In sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L – you will love these spa robes.

Prices range from only $20.00 – $45.00

Luna modelling the large size bones print robe with brown lining

‘What are you saying? I’m a strong 5 year old German Shepherd Dog and I love my spa robe… wearing clothes isn’t just for toy poodles anymore!’


‘Hi, I’m a 12 year old Husky, I look like a wolf and there isn’t anything that I cant do – including putting on my purple cheetah spa robe to match my Mom, I agree with Luna – SPA ROBES aren’t just for sissies anymore….’


Missy wearing the large size purple cheetah robe

Shadow wearing the extra small size red w/black paws robe

‘Grrrrr…. did someone call me a sissy? Grrrrr…’


“I don’t endorse products very often but I love these robes. Each one is hand made by a client of mine, prewashed and dried and are not only extremely functional – they are really really cute!! errr…. I mean, really really handsome!’ – Cindy Horsfall

Kash wearing the medium size turquoise and brown tiger robe

‘Channeling Peace Love and Rock ‘n Roll James Brown Eddie Murphy Hot tub party baby….it’s all good………’



Call Lynda at 360-461-4943 and she’ll answer your questions, go over the colors available and take your order.