Swim Snood Ear Cover for Swimming Dogs

Dr. Regina Schwab of Pamplin Animal Wellness Services, Pamplin , VA asked DogLeggs to design The Swim Snood for dogs receiving swim therapy that are constant head shakers. The results were immediate…the dogs stopped shaking their heads. The Swim Snood is constructed of 3mm neoprene with Velcro ® closure/adjustment.

The Swim Snood is available in sizes to fit all dogs. To order: 1-800-313-1218 ~ dogleggs.com

swim snood

Also available…

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External Fixator Covers: External fixators are often used to repair fractures in dogs and cats. After the initial post-operative period, where a substantial bandage is required for swelling, all that is needed for the fixator is a protective covering to keep the patient from self-mutilation and to protect floors and furniture from scuffing, as well as protecting the incision and pin tracts from contamination.

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Most products are custom made for your dog!