Tuffie’s Soft Dog Toy

Tuffie’s is billed as the “World’s Tuff-est Soft Dog Toy”. Tuffies toys are made from 1 layer of soft fleece to allow for easy chewing and 2 layers of ballistic, industrial grade coated denier nylon in the center. All three layers are bonded and sewn together to make one Tuff Layer. Tuffies are assembled with 7 seams. 4 seams hold the product together and then a layer of nylon is added to cover the assembly stitching and 3 more seams are added.


Each toy is stuffed with safe, non toxic fiber and has a protective pouch around each squeaker as an added safety measure in the unlikely event your dog gets to the core.

Brodie really enjoyed retrieving this toy and it held up to his chewing in between swims. However, during his one hour session, the toy got extremely soaked and very heavy making it harder for him to carry the toy through the water. After numerous sessions, the toy has held up very well but I haven’t allowed him to play outside of the swim session so I cannot attest to whether it holds up to normal play and chewing. I purchased the three pack from QVC, which is not as decorated as the Tuffies that you see in the store (no fancy patterns) and only the Rumble Ring was tested. I would only recommend that this toy be used for short swim sessions.


Best Price online: Set of 3 Tuffies Squeak Durable Pet Toys (above) www.qvc.com ~ Item Number M11445 ~ Price $20.00 ($4.72 S/H)


Manufacturer’s website: www.mydogtoy.com

Brodie’s Sink or Swim Rating: SINK!