What do I need to bring?

Question: What do I need to bring to my spa appointment?

Answer: After we have made an appointment for you, please go to the the website and print out the FORMS to bring with you to your first session. If you hit the submit button after you have filled out these forms,then I will get a copy to review before I meet with you – this will help me become more educated about your pup before I meet him/her.

All you need to do is bring yourself, your dog, your in-take forms and that’s it! We have towels for you to use… a blow dryer is also available if needed.

Arriving at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time will give your dog time to go potty (this is important)… wait until the prior client is out of the spa room before entering (and the next client will give you this same respect) and then come on in and enjoy!!!