What people are saying about La Paw Spa in Sequim!

Completely eco-friendly construction, all natural products, plus free wi-fi and complimentary organic drinks and snacks while you wait in Cindy’s beautiful lobby… enjoy state-of-the-art, pristine and completely non-toxic pool water.

Cindy’s reputation is impeccable. Just ask anyone about how she developed her skills as a dog therapy specialist by helping her own dog restore mobility using warm water treatments and a special wheeled apparatus for paralyzed dogs. One moment with her will cause any even the most discerning pet owner to offer full trust, while any people-person would just love to spend the hour next to her pool, benefiting from her dear personality.

I have never seen any pet facility (vet office, pet store, or hardly any human *spa*) so wonderful, nor spent time with a pet therapist with a demeanor and philosophy so balanced: down-to-earth and idealist,  nowledgeable and supportive, friendly and sensitive.People travel from Seattle and all over Western Washington to bring their pets to Cindy, whose family roots are strong in Sequim.

The community is absolutely blessed to have her La Paw Spa here.


Thank you so much for all you did for us when we came to your spa. I can’t believe how much you did to make me and the dogs feel very, very special. As for Paisley, I don’t know how or why, but she seemed brighter and more comfortable this morning than she has been. So, while I can’t really explain it, your pool seems to have some magic to it.

-Joan, Tex, and Paisley