What will I learn in Level 1?

Question: What will I learn how to do in your Level 1 class?

Answer: After taking my class – you will be able to go home and swim dogs… you will understand the benefits and dangers of water therapy. You will know how to nurture and carefully get a dog in and out of water. You will understand more of the bigger picture and will have been exposed to many dimensions of the work. You will grasp the depth of this service and you will have learned things that you will never forget. I have personally over 10,000 hours in the water, doing this work with dogs and I can say that this is a great class – built from my experience – thoughtfully and carefully put together. You will have the benefit of learning everything from proper footwork and body mechanics in water to how to care for an incontinent and aging pet. You will have the opportunity to spend at least 15 hours in water with dogs and even have the chance to perform your own private session. You will learn about yourself and will gain confidence in your skills and clarity in your goals.