How To Express Your Dog’s Bowels

NOTE: Education to then pursue your veterinarian’s advice. These two videos were created by a client, who would like to remain anonymous.  She is not a veterinarian and so this information is not veterinary advice. These videos are intended to help educate those with a bowel incontinent dog. Be sure to work with your veterinarian on how these techniques might help you and your pup. 

Canine Water Therapy, so much deeper than you might think….

These are taken of me here in Mexico teaching this healing modality. This is a country where the citizens can not afford health care for their dogs, this concept is impossible and yet the healing is profound and rippling out in ways I don’t have words for and have never experienced.

Nugget @ Paddling Pooches

Paddling PoochesI will have the unique privilege of being trained by Cindy Horsfall. She is nationally recognized and a pioneer in the canine aqua therapy field. She has over 50,000 hours in the water with dogs and founded ACWT. The Association of Canine Water Therapy is a part of IAAMB or International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork. Even better the training will take place at our home and with our facility which will allow me to better serve the …

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DoTERRA is unique in their sourcing practices

I bet you already knew that essential oils come from plants…the roots, flowers, leaves, etc are usually steam distilled and then separated so that we have JUST the concentrated liquid form of the plant in the bottle.  But did you also know that DoTERRA is unique in their sourcing practices? There is so much to consider about where to harvest a plant from, especially when we are seeking therapeutic results from using it (lavender might grow many places on the …

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