DoTERRA is unique in their sourcing practices

I bet you already knew that essential oils come from plants…the roots, flowers, leaves, etc are usually steam distilled and then separated so that we have JUST the concentrated liquid form of the plant in the bottle. 

But did you also know that DoTERRA is unique in their sourcing practices? There is so much to consider about where to harvest a plant from, especially when we are seeking therapeutic results from using it (lavender might grow many places on the planet, for instance, but the soil and weather conditions will effect the chemistry of the plant and therefore the outcome of our EO). 

DoTERRA goes above and beyond in their research to figure out where the plant grows best, to produce a higher quality oil — AND they work directly with the farmers or wild harvesters in small communities around the world, impacting lives in more ways that you can imagine.

Check out a few of these videos from oils, to see just how much they’re dedicated to taking care of the people on the other side of the bottle, who create these amazing little bottles we love and use for our health benefits…it feels so good to know that our purchase is supporting these communities! Don’t you agree?

Here is the video that explains Co-Impact Sourcing in general…but check out the comments for a few special specific stories.