Amber – Water Rehabilitation for Canine Geriatrics

I have had a very important job in my life. I have taken care of my family for 16 1/2 years. I became a service dog to better take care of my dad and was also schooled thru the “Wonder Dog” program where it was required from me to be very alert and self disciplined.My job has taken me on many journeys both far and wide. With my family I have been on many airplanes, taken a cruise and spent many a fond day at our vacation property in Mexico. I even visited the Governor at the Governor’s Mansion were ,of course, I was on my best behavior. They even took pictures of me in the beautiful gardens. You see, I have led a life full of fond memories and love.


As I have grown older I had to have a lung removed because it had cancer. Then radiation and something called a cat scan, though I never did see the cat. After I recovered, I regained all my energy back and was able to resume my job. At my age now my dad has to take care of me more than I care to mention. I have a really hard time getting up and walking started becoming almost impossible. When it started feeling better to just not move at all, he took me to the veterinarian to see if he could give me something to make me feel better. The Dr. got a funny look on his face after my exam and in a quiet voice he told my dad that it’s probably time to euthanize me. I don’t know what that means but it scared my dad. We left with some pills and my dad was really quiet on the drive home.

A short while later, my dad made a phone call and we went for a car ride. We stopped at this place called, “La Paw Spa.” I met Cindy Horsfall and we became fast friends. I have two sessions a week and I can walk again, even run. I feel so much better. When I get in the pool I can’t feel the weight of my body. I feel light. I can use my legs and my muscles are getting stronger every week.

My dad tells people that I got a reprieve when we found “La Paw Spa.” All I know is, he smiles lovingly when he looks at me and that’s all I need.