TammieI’m so honored and grateful to have heard from several people asking if they can contribute funds to other people’s spa work. After seeing the benefits of canine water therapy for themselves, they want to share the experience with others; folks who value their companions just as much but might not have the resources to afford canine spa treatment.

And as much as I wish I could gift sessions when I meet dogs in need, I just cant afford to do so at this time.

That’s where you come in!

If you are so inclined, you’re welcome to contribute to a fund I maintain for to help pay for the treats and treatment for deserving canine friends.

Every Little Bit Helps! $10.00 paypal
Thank You! $25.00 paypal
You’re the Best! $50.00 paypal
One Full Therapy Session $125.00 paypal
One session a week for 3 weeks * $375.00 paypal
One session a week for 6 weeks * $750.00 paypal

Thank You!!!

“I know that my sponsors want to remain anonymous but I would like you to convey to them just how much it means to me for their wonderful donation.”

“To be given the opportunity to continue to watch my dog grow and get her independence back is so huge that I can not even express it in words here. I can just say Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

You’ll be making a difference in the lives and well beings of both dog and owner.

Cindy Horsfall
La Paw Spa

PS: be sure to read A Broken Angel Heals – Maggie’s Story, to see just one way that your sponsorships have helped.

* If you chose these options, with the owner’s permission I’ll provide you with the story of the dog whom you’ve just helped. A series like this is for a dog who isn’t walking at all or who needs to rebuild their gait and a new way of being after an injury or surgery. Thank you for making this possible.

Important notice: this is not a tax deductible donation. La Paw Spa remains a business, albeit a business with a heart. Your contribution simply makes it possible for dogs whose owners would otherwise be unable to afford our services to receive them. Thank you!

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