Building a Facility – Lessons from Sequim

For 15 years Cindy built and ran LA PAW SPA Canine Hydrotherapy in Sequim, Washington. In 2023, this facility was closed and moved to Port Townsend. During her time in Sequim, here are some articles about the facility that she built there. We wanted to post these in case this can help anyone else who is building a facility for dogs in their community.

The Sequim Experience

The Reception Area and Land Studio at La Paw Spa in Sequim Often when providing care to our special needs companions, we forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. Our facility in Sequim was built with comfort in mind… our spacious reception area offers a gathering space for conversation and just putting your feet up and resting… the private land studio room off the reception area is a wonderful place for consultations and body work and massage. As a premier educational …

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The Sequim Grand Opening

The Sequim Grand Opening Peninsula pooches prepare to be pampered (Reprinted with permission from the Business section of the April 16, 2008 edition of the Sequim Gazette.) CANINE HYDROTHERAPY BUSINESS CELEBRATES GRAND OPENING by ASHLEY ODENStaff writer Certain people, places and events influence a person’s life and the paths he or she chooses. For Cindy Horsfall, it was her German shepherd Ava who left paw prints on her heart and paved the road to success as a water therapist for dogs. …

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The Sequim Pool

With gentle access ramps, the spa is truly another area of comfort for both you and your canine friend. Soft music and lights will greet you as you enter the room and relax in the comfy chairs at pool side. A state of the art air ventilation system provides the optimum healthy environment and the UV Light sanitation system for the pool promises us healthy water without the usual chemicals. (Read more about how we keep the pool so clean.) After …

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The Sequim Pool: Clean and Green

By using a combination system of Hydrogen Peroxide, Ultra-Violet Light, & Super Filtration we keep the water healthy and clean for the environment! Hydrogen peroxide kills microorganisms by over oxidizing them with too much oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is water and oxygen, the two most essential and beneficial elements to human life. H202 will naturally and completely decompose through its usage cycle into pure and safe atoms of only water and oxygen. Thus, there is neither chemical build up nor conversion to other chemical …

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What people are saying about La Paw Spa in Sequim!

Completely eco-friendly construction, all natural products, plus free wi-fi and complimentary organic drinks and snacks while you wait in Cindy’s beautiful lobby… enjoy state-of-the-art, pristine and completely non-toxic pool water. Cindy’s reputation is impeccable. Just ask anyone about how she developed her skills as a dog therapy specialist by helping her own dog restore mobility using warm water treatments and a special wheeled apparatus for paralyzed dogs. One moment with her will cause any even the most discerning pet owner to offer full …

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