Annie – Canine Rehabilitation for ACL repair

Finding Cindy Horsfall and her unique warm-water-spa-swimming-massage ministry for dogs has meant that our Annie went from a 3-legged canine to walking AND running again … using all 4 legs!

Annie is a darling Husky/German Shepherd mix who had developed arthritis in both hind legs. ACL replacement surgery in one leg had helped some, but the other one was getting noticeably worse with rapidly progressing, rather severe arthritis.


Aspirin and glucosamine helped some, but vets and canine surgeons could offer nothing more than that … with similar explanations that “this is not unusual in larger, active dogs.”

Annie and I kept walking, but less and less as her pain and disability became more obvious.

A friend/neighbor who is also a caring, knowledgeable dog owner, and was well acquainted with Annie’s debilitating arthritic problems, saw the La Paw Spa article in the Seattle Times 2 years ago and pointedly set it aside to share with me.

I was astounded in how simply basic and effective this kind of sensitive treatment must offer for dogs … so I called Cindy … rather insistent by this time about getting Annie to the Spa … SOON!

Within ONLY *2* visits, the strength and mobility began to return to Annie’s leg. My husband and I were hoping there might be a difference for Annie in several months, and committed to treatment “for a while” to see if some kind of help was possible. We were happily shocked to realize that WITHIN A MONTH, Annie was using all 4 legs again and able to return to longer “power” walks … a miracle indeed, for us as well as Annie!

Annie and I happily continue with monthly visits to Cindy for a Spa swimming/massage workout … as intentional connection with ongoing strengthening/mobility therapy … but also because we BOTH have such a good time with Cindy at the Spa!

Cindy provides for dogs what most veterinarians do not offer … HEALING by Nature’s methods, as well as caring, knowledgeable SENSITIVITY to dogs’ needs and communication levels. (Annie regularly “yells” at Cindy when Annie disagrees with a particular part of the treatment! Cindy and I both notice, laugh a lot, but pay attention and respect Annie’s opinions … even when Cindy has to disagree with her.) In other words, Cindy and her basic methods address the dog’s physical AND emotional needs. She and her evolving strategies are unique AND uniquely effective! Do NOT be slow OR shy about calling her for your dog … NOW!