Appointment General Information

Thank you for making an appointment with La Paw Spa. This is part of a 5 page client packet. Please fill out the customer information form and read/sign the release and bring with you on our first appointment.

Our appointments run for one hour and we have towels and dryers – all you need to do bring your pup. If our appointment is at K9aquatics or Heavenly Spa, please come about 5 minutes prior to your appointment so that your dog has a chance to go potty and then wait til the prior client has left the building before entering. If our appointment is at La Paw Spa in Sequim, please come on into the reception area and make yourself at home. I’ll be out to get you when its time for our session. (Click for more information about arriving for your session in our Sequim Spa.)

During our appointments, at any of these locations, please know that our sessions will be kept private to us so that your dog can feel safe and we can be present with each other

Contact me for any questions or clarifications.

If we find that your schedule and my schedule don’t work well together, there are other pools in our area that offer great programs as well. Please let me know your needs and if I can not help you personally, I will do my best to set you up with the most suitable program, pool and therapist.

It is my personal commitment to help anyone that seeks the path of canine warm water therapy.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you !!!

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