Apprenticeship Program

For those who have graduated from one of Cindy’s classes offered at La Paw Spa, we have a 6 month apprenticeship program now available.

From October 1st to March 31st of each year, come to the beautiful quiet Olympic Peninsula and hone in your gifts.

Cindy will begin this program by working with you on 2 afternoons each week, up to 4 hours/week, as we work together with real clients. The clients will be paying a discounted price for these sessions – so this instruction will not cost you anything. As soon as you feel capable, you’ll take these clients on as your own and do these sessions yourself and be paid $25/session. Goal is to get up to 12 sessions/week that you are doing yourself, which would translate to $1200/month… but remember, there is no one more discerning than a dog ‘owner’ so you need to strive to be GREAT. Cindy will be meeting with you each week during this time to go over your notes and files and answer any questions – offering hands on help in the pool as needed (You wouldn’t be paid for these sessions, but you also wouldn’t need to pay for training).

A great opportunity for the right person!

Since this isn’t a full time program, I would suggest you use this time to get your online certification in Animal Massage from NWSAM or some other training opportunity. I also might be able to get you some volunteer opportunities in vet hospitals and shelters while here if you wish… and of course the vast horizons of this amazing Peninsula is PERFECT for a soul search as you embrace your higher calling.

You’ll be responsible for your own transportation, personal needs/food and lodging while here – its our off tourist season so a furnished vacation rental house is a great option and usually at a great price ($750-1000/month).