Question: I just opened a pool and also offer massage and energy work. I’m feeling like my business is very compartmentalized. I offer the massage & energy therapy on land. Then the swim therapy I feel doesn’t incorporate enough of the massage & energy based work. What are your thoughts? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Answer (by Cindy Horsfall):The reputation for water work is usually all about swimming. when vets prescribe water therapy, they are usually thinking its all about swimming. And when people come to see us for an appointment, that’s what they are usually expecting.

Often the local law prohibits the use of words like “massage” and “therapy”, etc. and so people are forced to only talk about swimming in their literature, etc. It’s an interesting field – this water work.

My work is all about energy and body work IN the 3 dimensionality of water. Swimming is such a small part of the work that I do or I teach in my classes. Its an option in water and a good one but its only an option in water therapy – which incorporates so many other possibilities as well.

My Level One class is the one that you would enjoy – it is very affordable and has the biggest selection of dogs to work with. Usually where most therapists fail is getting a dog into water, getting the dog to stay happily in water, how to do the various and appropriate holds in water for resting and bodywork, and then getting out of water safely. Since these are the hard parts to learn and we have about 35 dogs to work with in my 6 day course vs probably 6-8 in a custom class, I would suggest the level one training.

I look very much forward to working with you in water!

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