Cardiff – Surgical Recovery with Water Therapy –

I don’t even know where to begin…..I am in awe of how I’ve seen Cindy expand upon her vision this past year! What started as a dream, and a valuable one, has developed into a well sought after level of experience from canine lovers across the nation. To think of warm water canine therapy, you have to think of its pioneer… Cindy Horsfall.


She not only assists those stepping into this business but continues to practice her devotion in the pool with clients like me. Cindy Horsfall of La Paw Spa, literally gave me my beloved dog, Cardiff, back. There are many pools, and many therapists, but when you’re dealing with the surgical recovery of a 240lb English Mastiff, I HAD to find the best in their experience and handling of dogs…and I did”!

Cardiff’s recovery wouldn’t have been possible without Cindy’s loving, dedicated, devotion to him. Not only is Cindy a leading force in the industry of canine water therapy, but she is also THE BEST in the Northwest (if not the nation). I cannot express my gratitude for knowing her, and helping my beloved Cardiff.

As providers to our dogs we have choices…our dogs don’t….therefore I chose THE BEST”

– Susan – Duvall, Washington