Every doggy into the pool for fitness, fun
USA Today

By Sharon L. Peters
Special for USA TODAY

(From the January 15, 2008 edition of USA TODAY.)

Pooch parents are adding a splash of variety to their dogs’ exercise

Swimming pools for canines are drawing in high-energy pets that
relish change-of-pace workouts, as well as older, overweight, injured
or post-surgery dogs that benefit from non-weight-bearing exercise to
fight flab or build muscle strength, range of motion and

Pet pools run the gamut. Some are huge, some small and spa-like;
some are purely recreational, others therapy-oriented. Most are
equipped with resistance jets, and many are staffed by people who swim
with the dogs to guide the activity. They may be part of a veterinarian
operation or a rehab center, part of a boarding facility or a
stand-alone business.

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