How can I get get my vet to support water therapy?

Question: I want my vet to support water therapy, what do I say to her about my work? I have been a groomer for all of my life and my own dog went through water therapy and now I am hooked. What can I tell my vet so that she might support me?

Answer: Hello Pamela, You could just write her a note from your heart and explain your vision and dream – perhaps something like this:

Dear Dr X,

I love animals and animal care givers and want to help and be a team player in their health care and life style.

I have been told that I am nurturing and intuitive and have been a professional groomer and dog handler for x years.

I love water and have witnessed the magic of hydrotherapy with my own dog and would love to be somehow involved in this field.

Although the practices of aquatic treadmills are best done by trained veterinarians, I would like to offer safe swimming and the healing properties of being weightless in water in a pool designed for dogs. My design would focus on the emotional and physical safety of both the dog and their person.

My vision is that I will be able to network with you on clients that you feel this service may be appropriate for, to provide aquatic fitness in the weightless environment of my pool, and to provide owners a moment to rest at poolside and talk about their dog.

I would like to become educated in the various support products, wheel chairs, mobility aides, incontinence aides, etc. so that I can help those who may have lost hope with their disabled or aging pets by having literature or examples of the support products that we have out there.

It is not my intention to practice veterinarian medicine or do anything without the permission and support of the veterinarian involved.

I feel my services could be of value as a safe support service for some of your clients.

What do you think ?