Question: I am from the state of Missouri and was recently

watching the early morning show and saw a piece on ACWT
and was very interested in this. I began looking on the web and have not had
any luck finding any in our area. Is this one person that has been opening
these around the U.S. or is this something one buys into to open. This would be
a very good thing for people in our area. I now do petsitting for a business
and I want to get into training dogs for a purpose. As Therapy Dogs. How can I
get more informatiion on this subject. I have a Lab that is overweight and we
walk but she has bad hips and it is hard for her so this would be a great thing
not only for me but others.


Answer: Hello Juli, No, the canine water therapy/swim
centers are all privately owned by individuals who are motivated to do so… it
is my hope that eventually all areas will have a location for this service as
it is an amazing and wonderful business for both the business owners and for
the community.

Right now there is not a special license to operate, although what you can
call the service does vary from state to state (ie: in most states you can not
call it ‘therapy’ or ‘rehab’ as those terms belong to veterinarianss, licensed
massage therapists, physical therapists, etc. Most people get around this by
just calling it a swim center. You need to check with your local authorities to
see what you can do and then work within the guidelines of the laws that are in
your area.

Let me know if I can help you further and be SURE to let us know if you
decide to OPEN a pool in your area !!!

Great question and thanks for your interest,


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