How quickly will I break even?

Question: We’re having fun with bankers trying to justify why this is a good thing. Your site says you started LaPaw Spa in 1996 – how quickly did you break even?

Answer:I get asked this question a lot and it’s not an easy answer since in this business, your ‘sales dollars’ will be determined by your quality of service, quality of facility, your integrity, and what kind of relationships you can build with your clients and your supporting veterinarians. I have seen the most educated therapists fail because they become too clinical, ventured outside of their scope of practice or let their ego get hold of their work… and I have seen the most simple low budget pools succeed because the therapist worked from their heart, maintained an honest business, and built conservative programs in line with supporting vets and became team players in their client’s lives…

So the answer to this question sort of all depends on you.