In Memory Of Tuggy


Tuggy was Cindy’s boy… He entered the scene like a whirlwind and brought immeasurable joy to her life for over 10 years. He brought gentle lessons for Cindy in the areas of boundaries, discernment and the proper way to laugh and play.

The poem below was written by Janet, a client of La Paw Spa and a dear friend of Cindy’s, to honor Tuggy’s life.

In Praise of Tuggy

Oh you are so Bold a Dog
Look at You!!!
You fly across the rocks and hills
as if Nothing could stop you.
Look at you!
Do you have wings? How do you run
like that? Whoa I can’t believe that jump!
So very Male, so very bold
What an incredible bark
(yet so sweet)
How certain you are
How confident
How controlled
and yet so free, rebel-dog
doing your own thing – Laugh
How can I do anything but admire
your strength?

And yet, you Bold Dog
you can’t resist coming
to a stranger’s voice
calling Tugmeister
Tuggy Tuggy
and you come and look
at me and say “you are obviously a goof-ball”
and off you go again
with saber-tail high
with excitement, up the hill again
(as if it was nothing to climb it at all..yet I huff and puff up it)
You climb up
to bark and wonder
at the world and to broad-jump and
run and wag every worry away.

And then the world changed
and you could not walk
without such pain
and you loved Her so
much and you helped
show her the Way, for as
always you ran before her.
You showed such patience then
such endurance, such kindness
as you laid down your duties
and let them go with open hand.

Proud Dog
Wise Dog
Deeply Kind
Protector Always
you watch still, and Overlook all,
and Love her beyond Time itself.

Why is it that the hill is so hard for me, and so easy for you?
An easy step, a small leap over a stone
and you run forever
free and in
I remain at the bottom of the hill
looking up at you
Bold Dog.
Tug-o-motion forever!

Did you know Beulah wears your purple coat now?
It laughs you know, just like you did each day. It laughs for the memory of you.
It does not cry in remembrance, it laughs at the thought of your nature, of your Life.
Thank you Tuggy, for the purple joy
of your Life.