JW Pet Company Whirl-Wheel Squeaky Rubber Flying Disk

JW Pet Company is the maker of the Hol-ee Roller and many other dog toys and grooming products. The JW Pet Company Whirl-Wheel puts a new spin on the flying disc. The only squeaking, pliable, flyable disc on the market, innovation and creativity mark the launch of this soon to be favorite. The Whirl-Wheel can be used as a tug toy, as a toss toy, as a chew toy, and as an interactive whirling wheel of fun for pet and pet parent. This wheel of amusement comes in 2 sizes (6″ and 8″ diameters) and assorted bright colors. Colors usually can not be specified to an online retailer.


Brodie’s Rating: The Whirl-Wheel has become Brodie’s favorite toy. I was surprised when I put the Whirl-Wheel down next to the Pooch Tube and he selected the Whirl-Wheel. It might have to do with the squeaker in the middle. He loves the noise. It is a lightweight toy and I was concerned that it would not hold up to Brodie’s intermittent chewing. But, so far, no problem there. I think the fact that it is lightweight, thin and flexible (with holes), makes it easier to retrieve and move through the water. With the middle section being raised, it’s also very visible in the water. Brodie tested the blue model but I think we might have to try and get the other colors as well.

The Whirl-Wheel is widely available online however, the best price I found online was at GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies

Small: $3.77 (sugg. retail: $7.00)
Large: $5.99 (sugg. retail: $11.00, although I paid $12.95 at a dog show for Brodie’s)


Shipping fees vary depending on weight.


Brodie’s Sink or Swim Rating: SWIM!!!!