Kate – Swimming Helps Rehabilitate Hip Dysplasia

To all interested in our experience at La Paw Spa:

We have a 13 month old Golden Retriever, Kate. When she was about 8-9 months old we found out she has bilateral hip dysphasia. We were devastated until we learned that there were many surgeries and treatments available.

The first surgeon we went to wanted to do surgery on BOTH hips at the same time. We didn’t like this option as one hip was much better than the other, and it seemed like the recovery for a double hip surgery would be difficult at best.

We then found out about La Paw Spa and Cindy. We talked with her and decided to get a second opinion. The next surgeon wanted to do a femur head removal on the bad hip and do therapy at La Paw Spa to see if the hips could be strengthened and balanced out. Cindy agreed.

Both surgeons highly respect the work that is done at La Paw Spa by Cindy.

We did therapy 2 times a week before surgery for about a month to strengthen Kate’s muscles. After surgery and (after) the stitches were removed, we resumed therapy twice a week.

It has been about 3 months after surgery and Kate is fully recovered! Both hips are strong and in balance! Our surgeon is very pleased as are we!

We don’t know at this time if Kate will have to have surgery on the other hip, but the statistics of not having to do this are very good due to the therapy and her excellent recovery!

The experience at La Paw Spa is the best! We’re still going once a week and Kate loves it.

We feel that without the therapy Kate would not be as strong and probably would have had to have surgery on her other hip. This kind of therapy is the best as it is not weight-bearing and is very soothing. We also have talked with other dog owners who have had great success with Cindy.

We cannot recommend her highly enough.If you have any questions or just want to talk further, please do not hesitate to call. We know what a difficult time this is and would like to reassure you!

J.S. Hegira
Suzanne Williams

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