Katy – Swimming To Help Growth and Development of Puppies

Katy is great, thank you! I will attempt to explain what I noticed from our session with you…. I would say that she was more “grounded” that day.Which is a very huge shift in energy for a 16 week old puppy? Sure, she was a bit tired, but I feel energy in others very well and “grounded” is the best I can describe it….. I do love the idea of her building up that needed muscle with your therapy…She enjoyed it and it made her feel empowered! I really want to bring her back to see you again!

– Kymythy Schultze

Kymythy Schultze has been a trailblazer in the field of animal nutrition for over a decade. Her professional experience with animals includes being a trainer, a breeder, a groomer, a veterinary assistant for multiple doctors, and a wildlife rehabilitator licensed with the federal government. She has studied many holistic modalities.