Level 2 Testimonials

A few comments from our level 2 graduates

  • Cindy, thank you for giving me the opportunity with Level 2. Thanks for being so supportive of me and all of us! Thanks for being the light that we all look to when we digress on our paths. I appreciate having the opportunity to know you and work with you and be taught by you so much,
  • Level 2 was transformative. Reconnected with some of my class mates from last year and met 3 more dog crazy, intuitive, amazing women for a whirlwind week of laughter, tears, and growth. Exponential growth and change for us all !
  • It was SO great to reconnect to amazing like minded people – you have to have a class like this we can all come back to every year!
  • I loved exploring my own unique gifts to the work – I hadn’t thought of this before and this class helped me learn so much about me…
  • The opportunity to do private sessions helped me so much with my confidence.. thank you so much !!!
  • I was again a time of high energy in and high energy out; I really connected. Thank you Cindy for providing a wonderful venue and program.
  • Thank you again for having the vision for teaching others to do what you do – all our canine companions deserve this.
  • I can’t imagine NOT taking the level two class. I now have more confidence to know that I can provide a safe session in the water from start to finish.