Lucy – Swimming Helps Rehabilitate ACL Repair

At the center of my family is a wonderful beagle named Lucy. Lucy had the perfect beagle’s life running and sniffing, playing and with our kids, and being spoiled by our family. About two years ago she required ACL surgery and seemed to be recovering until she was attacked by a large dog that passed through our yard. Months after the attack, Lucy stopped improving; in fact she seemed to be regressing. She was no longer able to use any stairs, jump onto furniture, or run. Her leg had atrophied to skin and bones and she had completely stopped using it. Her attitude had deteriorated as well. I knew it was time to try something different.

Lucy in the pool

The surgeon told me about Cindy Horsefall and La Paw Spa. I called Cindy and we talked for quite awhile while I explained Lucy’s situation and we came up with a plan. Before considering more surgery we put Lucy on a 6 week hydrotherapy strengthening program. During our first session, Lucy was a bit timid, but Cindy knew just what to do to put Lucy at ease. Her love, patience, and skills were obvious and Lucy was swimming before you knew it! Each week when it was time to go all I had to say was “Lucy do you want to go swimming with Cindy?” and she would jump up from whatever she was doing and run to the door. After just one session Lucy began using her leg again and after three you could see that her muscle tone was returning. At this time the surgeon suggested another minor surgery to remove some scar tissue and the material that was causing inflammation. Ten days afterwards we returned to Cindy for 4 more sessions. With each session her leg became stronger and now, at the age of 6, it is like Lucy is a puppy again. She can run, jump, play, go up and down stairs and more. She can even jump onto the bed again.

Cindy’s innovative hydrotherapy provided a safe way to increase strength and recover from surgery. Cindy is clearly skilled and knowledgeable about recovery and strength training, but what makes her so amazing is her incredible love, understanding and compassion for animals. Thank you, Cindy, for helping to make Lucy’s quality of life what it is today.